Planet Dinosaur

Based on the latest paleontological discoveries from all continents, veteran actor John Hurt narrates the gory, bleak stories of the brutal relationship between the ancient apex predators and their gigantic herbivorous prey.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 180 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Planet Dinosaur
14 Sep 2011
"New finds from Africa have revealed some of the most spectacular dinosaurs ever known."
21 Sep 2011
"A look at some of the more recently discovered and highly intriguing feathered dinosaurs from Asia."
28 Sep 2011
"Witness how three very different, yet very dangerous, kinds of carnivorous dinosaurs hunted and killed their prey, or in some cases, their own fellow species."
05 Oct 2011
"In the late Jurassic, the enormous Predator X hunts in the European oceans. On the American land, the famous Allosaurus terrorizes its victims. However, there may be even larger predators stalking the terrain."
12 Oct 2011
"This episode focuses on the new giants, the heavyweights of the dinosaur world. It's only in recent years that we've unearthed the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived. One monster eclipsing ..."
"The final episode explores dinosaurs' extraordinary ability to survive."